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Statistical data was retrieved from: (1) The National Safety Council's Injury Facts of 2004; (2) American
Cancer Society, Cancer Facts and Figures 2005; (3) Hospital Statistics 2004 Edition, Health Forum
LLC, American Hospital Association affiliated 2004.
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  Our supplemental insurance policies provide the most well rounded coverage and
financial security available for you and your family in the event of an accident,
disabling injury, or illness.  We believe that financial security begins with health and
well-being.  We believe that the best investment is in your health and life.

  A package including accident, short-term disability, cancer and specified disease,
and hospital confinement will fully cover the average individual.  Information on
these products is listed below for your reference.

  Our supplemental products are sold on a cafeteria basis for personalized
coverage options. We also offer Vision, Dental, Life and Long-Term Care policies.

For further details please contact us at 989.893.5550 or toll free at 877.893.5550
One-third of all emergency room visits are injury related.

A disabling injury occurs about every 4 seconds in the average home.

Accidents are the leading cause of death for Americans from 1 to 34 years of age    
and the fifth leading cause of death overall. (1)

Our policies provide you and your family with benefits covering emergency
treatment, specific-sum injury, accidental-death, initial hospitalization and more.
Injuries may be temporarily or permanently disabling or even fatal.

Motor vehicle accidents occur about every 13 seconds.
In home injuries occur about every 4 seconds.
With such frequency it is easy to see that disabling injuries
affect almost everyone at one point or another. (1)

Our policies include monthly benefit payments paid directly to you
and are effective regardless of any other insurance you may have.
We also offer guaranteed renew-ability to age 70.
American men have slightly less than a 1-in-2 lifetime risk of developing cancer.  

American women have a risk factor that is greater than 1-in-3.

Over 1.3 million new cases were diagnosed in 2005.

Approximately 9.8 million Americans with a history of cancer were living in 2001.  
The 5 year combined survival rate for all types of cancer is almost 64%. (2)

Cancer benefits include first-occurrence, hospital confinement, radiation and
chemotherapy, cancer screening wellness benefits and more.
The average hospital stay costs more than $7,000.00.

Outpatient surgery accounts for more than 60% of all operations. (3)

Hospital confinement plans provide surgical benefits, hospital confinement,
rehabilitation services and more.
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