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Health care needs change throughout life and the sea of insurance products can be daunting.

We will work with you to match your needs with products that will provide you the most
beneficial coverage.  Our products include Life Insurance, Annuities, Individual Health Insurance
and Medicare Supplements.

Please contact us with any questions.  
As always, we are here to serve you.
     From age 20 to 120, the unexpected happens every day.  Life Insurance provides
loved with ones with the security and comfort that you have always provided.  We offer
5, 10 and 20 year term policies and whole-life policies.  
  Term policies allow you to maintain a guaranteed premium for the term of your
policy.  Term policies can be rolled into whole-life policies as needs change.
  Whole-life policies allow you to build cash value.  In many cases, they provide
guaranteed rates for the life of the policy.  Whole-life policies may also provide policy
loan provisions.
  Illness or injury can be crippling, at any age, if you do not have health insurance.

effects that might arise from having insufficient health care coverage.
effects that might arise from having insufficient health care coverage.

  We will help you determine if your current policy provides the best coverage,
according to your personal health needs.  If you are uninsured, we will find a plan that
fits your financial situation.
  America's retirees are entitled to Medicare, including Parts A & B.  Part A is hospital
insurance covering a portion of hospitalization, skilled nursing, home health care
(following a hospital stay) and hospice care.
  Part B is medical insurance covering a portion of doctors' services, outpatient hospital
care, lab tests, x-rays, medical supplies and equipment, ambulance service, some
preventive care, outpatient therapy and home health care (not covered under
Part A).
  Our Medicare Supplements protect you from out-of-pocket expenses related to
medical treatments or hospitalization.
  Are you looking for an investment with more protection than the open market?  
Annuities are the perfect option.  Annuities are investments that you buy into through
the form of an insurance policy.  There are fixed and variable annuities.

  Fixed Annuities convert a lump sum of money into an income stream.  The payment
amounts remain fixed over the entire length of the annuitization.  You may choose a
period-certain annuity which will pay until the end of a designated period.  In the event
of the originator's passing, the period-certain annuity will be paid to designated heirs
until the end of the period.  Another option is to have payments continue for a variable
period.  You may withdraw up to 10% of your principle annually.

  Variable Annuities offer tax deferral on earnings and allows you to name a beneficiary
of all remaining benefits in the event of your passing.  The variable annuity invests in
stocks or bonds with no pre-determined rate of return, thus there may be a higher
possible return when compared to the fixed annuity.
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